New boat, new logistics, new dive sites

Lots of happy clients and the season is starting to get going properly. So far we’ve had folks from Tasmania, Denmark, Canada, Scotland, the UK and France diving with us this year. The new boat is a marvel and handles the sea exceptionally well, and as you’d expect of a RIB it is very stable and carries loads well. Plus it gets you to the sites fast.

We’re taking advantage of having a little more freedom in our dive planning to mix things up a little bit, expanding the repertoire of sites we dive in the area, and giving more flexibility. Double tank dives are a possibility and we’re aiming to make a day out at the islands (Les Iles de Lerins, Ste Marguerite and St Honorat) a regular thing, once a week, usually Sundays, weather allowing.

Please do look at the Diamond Diving page on Facebook for more images of the marine life down here, plus video that we’ll be updating throughout the season.

Late deals are possible, and we highly recommend the option of combining a long weekend down here and continuing your dive education. You’ll get thorough training in small groups, a wonderful way to develop your experience and confidence as a diver.

For experienced divers we can pretty much state with confidence that you’ll not do the same site more than twice, even with an eight dive package, and you will be on sites with few divers as far as possible, doing healthy dive times, gas allowing! Call 01908 234030 or e-mail – the £ is still creeping back against the € giving best value for reservations since December.