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Après confinement Coronavirus / Covid 19


Nous nous sommes tous posés des questions concernant le après Covid-19, comment retrouver un semblant de normalité et quand nous pourrions reprendre nos activités que l’on aime tant.   Je comprends parfaitement ces interrogations et inquiétudes et soyez assurés qu’avec Noémie, nous partageons vos interrogations et questions.  Nous serions en mesure de vous tenir au courant régulièrement sur Facebook entre autres concernant les dates de réouverture du centre mais tenons à vous rassurer des mesures qui seront mis en place pour vous protéger quand vous vous sentirez suffisamment confortable pour revenir faire des plongées avec nous.

  • Désinfections fréquentes de toutes les zones à haute fréquentation du centre incluant toutes les surfaces lisses, tel que comptoirs, poignées de portes, machine de paiements, robinetteries, bords de fenêtres, tables de la salle de classe et toutes autres surfaces.


  • Disponibilité de gel hydro-alcoolique pour usage par tous les clients, à la réception, salle de classe, WC et sur chaque bateau.


  • Désinfection complète de tout le matériel de plongée, détendeurs, tubas, masques, gilet stabilisateur et combinaisons néoprène en accord avec les pratiques approuvées de l’industrie de plongée loisir et ceci après chaque utilisation.


  • Nettoyage et désinfection de toute les zones de contact sur les bateaux après chaque sortie (au minimum deux fois par jour).


  • Nombre maximal de quatre clients à l’intérieur du centre de plongée à tout moment avec la demande aux clients du respect de chacun concernant la distanciation sociale, avec un sens de circulation (exceptionellement sortie par porte salle compresseur sauf pendant gonflage).


  • Le nombre maximum de clients par bateau sera limité à six (ou moins selon les régulations de l’Etat).


  • Continuel renforcement des consignes avec l’équipe pour assurer le respect de règles à tout moment. Nous serons, bien sûr, en mesure de respecter la distanciation sociale durant l’enseignement et l’accompagnement ainsi que durant la supervision générale de cette activité auquel nous tenons beaucoup.


  • Nous demanderons à la plupart d’entre vous de payer par carte mais à distance via une nouvelle fonctionnalité que SumUp et l’application de comptabilité ont mis à disposition (Facture avec lien de procédure).


  • Nous demanderons à tous les plongeurs de fournir des scans électroniques de leurs certifications et documents de plongées à l’avance pour réduire au maximum le nombre de contact proche.


  • Si à votre connaissance vous avez été infecte certificat médical obligatoire avec médicin du sport / hyperbare / plongée.


  • Il y a une forte possibilité, dépendant de l’évolution de l’organisation de l’hôpital de Nice, que nous limitions la profondeur maximale des plongées en insistant, plus que d’habitude, sur l’obligation d’effectuer des plongées loisir sans décompression.


Nous sommes, comme toujours, à votre disposition pour les conseils, commandes et échanges sur cette activité qui nous manque beaucoup!

Ocean Reef, Aqualung Fusion DrySuit, PADI Open Day




On the 13th May we’re running an Open Day plus Evening Social with the opportunity to try two high end aspirational pieces of equipment.  This is on a first come, first served basis.  Boat spaces will be charged €25 as opposed to normal dive rates to cover costs for the day.  Please register your interest as early as possible to avoid disappointment, specifying which product, and morning, afternoon or both.

Firstly we’ll be offering our clients the opportunity to try the Aqualung Fusion Dry-Suit range and secondly one of the full face masks from the Ocean Reef product range, together with the Ocean Reef full face Aria snorkels.

The Fusion Dry Suit range are excellent quality, innovative suits whose stand-out features are lightness, comfort, compactness and flexibility.  For more information about the product range please see:

The advantages of diving with Full Face Masks are significant and include improved vision, comfort, safety, warmth and flexibility.  For more detail about all of these advantages please see :

The total capacity for the day is twelve people trying the Ocean Reef Full Face Masks and eight people trying the Aqualung Fusion DrySuit.  It is possible to do one in the morning and one in the afternoon but not both at the same time.

At the end of the day at around 6.00pm there will be a presentation from Martial Warnier de Wailly, the Regional Manager for PADI in France.  We’re very lucky to have Martial attending and he will be talking about the advantages of the PADI app for tablets and smartphones, Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Specialty and a little bit about the opportunities to become a professional in the PADI system, followed by drinks and an aperitif.  Everyone is welcome for the evening event which will be another opportunity to socialize and get to know new dive buddies.  Feel free to invite keen prospective divers!

2017 PADI Instructor Development Schedule

We are pleased to confirm our Instructor Development Course Schedule for 2017 (all at our base in Golfe Juan except where stated):

Happy candidates and staff before teaching in Open Water
Happy candidates and staff before teaching in Open Water

18th January to 8th February in Oman (includes MSDT and Exam in Muscat)

18th March to 2nd April

20th May to 4th June

28th October to 12th November

25th November to 10th December

Within this schedule we will be conducting Emergency First Response Instructor Courses and Specialty Instructor Training.  Please call or e-mail for a chat and advice on your goals for becoming a PADI Instructor!

All of the courses can be taught in both French and English, or a combination of the two.

And now for something a little bit different!

And now for something a little bit different:  late August, September and October dive schedule!


And now for something a little bit different!  Due to various requests, and our desire to provide as many motivating and exciting reasons to dive as possible we have put in place the following schedule for September and October (imho the best time of the year to dive on the Cote d’Azur):


Night dives:                                       Thursday 8th, 15th and 22nd September

(€10 supplement over normal per dive price)(RDV 7.30pm)

Ownership of your own lamp is compulsory, we are running a special off on the excellent Alu Solo Black (a very cool matt black “light sabre” to illuminate your underwater adventures), please ask for further information


Deep dives (morning only):        Sunday 28th August, 4/11/25 September and 2 October

(Standard per dive rate)

Reserved for clients with Advanced and Deep Specialty.  Weather allowing we will target sites that we dive less frequently such as Dromadaire to Enfer, Sec A Pierre, Masque, Deux Chariots, Seiche St Pierre Avancee.  Deep Specialty can be organised for those that do not yet have it over these dates.  Another good reason to invest in a lamp!


Island Dive Days:                             Saturday 27th August and Saturday 24th September

(€20 supplement over normal price for two dives plus lunch)

Two dives around Les Iles de Lerins with lunch on St Honorat in between.  We will be organising a group rate to eat a set menu at La Tonnelle restaurant if both days have at least six clients who reserve.


Var Dive Days:                                   Saturday 10th September and Saturday 1st October

(€35 supplement over normal price for two dives plus lunch)

One dive on Les Peniches d’Antheor and one dive on Les Pyramides off L’Ile d’Or.  Stop for lunch at Port de Boulouris in a local restaurant.


All of these dates are subject to the usual conditions regarding weather and we reserve the right to amend dates if necessary for your safety, comfort and enjoyment.  All reservations by first come first served confirmation.  Any cancellations or changes within 72 hours of the date will forfeit one of two dives from their dive pack or a 50% deposit payable up front.

PADI Award, Discover Rebreather, Dive Against Debris

Diamond Diving wins another PADI Award!

Award 2016

We are very happy to have received an Award from PADI EMEA at the recent Paris Diveshow for our exceptional implication in the diving industry.

A great reward for our work over the past seven years since our first Award as best French newcomer in 2009.  A big thanks to our clients and to the PADI EMEA French team!

Our next Emergency First Response Course is organised for the weekend of the 27th and 28th of February, so if you need or want to learn some extremely useful primary and secondary care skills just e-mail or call.

We will be cleaning up the local dive environment next time on April 17th so let us know if you would like to join in.  A free dive in return for your conservation efforts!

And finally we are organising another « Discover Rebreathers » day on April 30th with our long term partner, Jean-Francois Andre.  We always have excellent feedback on these events.  Maximum eight places and the price is 85 Euros per person.

Become a PADI DiveMaster in 2016 !

PADI DiveMaster : Looking for a challenge this year ?  Look no further than the adventure, opportunity and privilege of becoming an entry level PADI Professional with us in the South of France !

Often we train people up over six week full time internships, but for those that are time poor due to professional and other commitments we are running two ten day intensive PADI DiveMaster courses.

The dates are the 5th to the 15th of May inclusive and the 11th to the 20th of November inclusive.  You will be trained to the usual high standards that we insist on by Alex and Noemie, providing excellent preparation for those considering going on to do their Instructor Development Courses.

The price is €1285 per person including all study materials (Crewpack), all diving costs and equipment hire if necessary.  We’re offering an early booking discount of 10% for those able to confirm before the end of January.

During the course you will become familiar with the PADI system and develop professional level dive theory and physical.  You will also develop excellent skill demonstrations, assist on client training courses and much much more.

To check prerequisites, or to book your place send an e-mail to or call Alex on +33(0) 615305223 or Noemie on +33 (0) 675780168

PADI Instructor Training in Oman

We are delighted to have recently launched a collaboration with Nomad Ocean Adventures to provide PADI Instructor Training in Oman.  Nomad is a real « Diving Safari » base camp.  It has everything in place to provide a fun and enriching learning great experience.  The perfect place to get you on the right track for a career in the scuba diving industry.

Based in Dibba, Musandam, Nomad is easy to get to via a flight to Dubai followed by a relatively short land transfer.  Once here you have everything at your disposition to prepare for your Instructor Examination (IE) in the best conditions.  This includes a great climate, on site swimming pool, accommodation and all meals included in the package price.


As soon as the small amount of stress and anxiety of the IE is over we return to Nomad for Specialty Instructor Training. This gives you the opportunity to appreciate some of the truly excellent local diving , and optimise your chances of clinching that dream first job in the industry as quickly as possible.

dibbah-oman - whaleshark

In 2016 our Course Director Alex will be running two Instructor Development Courses in January and October.  For a quote and further information e-mail or call +33 (0)615305223.

Cote d’Azur floods

We were sprung out of our beds early Sunday morning by Noemie’s Dad calling and asking us if we had seen the news, and explaining just how bad things were.  Needless to say we feared the worst and driving down the hill from Antibes into Golfe Juan that morning was a humbling experience.  Fortunately the dive centre escaped completely any water damage, and the boats are absolutely fine.  Many of our neighbouring commerces have had their basements completely flooded with stocks and stores written off.  Mud everywhere.  The local baker has lost all of his ovens and working equipment.

The clean up in Golfe Juan-Vallauris and other affected towns is full speed ahead and it looks like the French government is throwing everything at this mess to minimise the negative effects on homes, lives and businesses. This includes putting tax and social charges bills on hold until the businesses concerned get back up on their feet and a fund generated to pay out ahead of the insurance companies processing the claims.  Our thoughts and condolences go to all those that lost their lives in this tragedy and their families.  All this devastation generated by around an hour of the most intense rainfall I have ever witnessed.

On an environmental note this kind of weather disturbance is clearly not going to go away.  So as a community I believe passionately that divers have a responsibility to speak out and make others face up to this very « Inconvenient Truth ».

Diving conditions are expected to be asbsolutely fine for the weekend so for anybody thinking of a late season long weekend break our message would be don’t hesitate…




INON Level One Underwater Photography Course

Learn Beginner to Intermediate Underwater Photography at Diamond Diving with INON UK’s Steve Warren

INON UK’s Steve Warren, co-designer of the INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course, will be teaching the program exclusively at Diamond Diving on the Cote D’Azur in May. Steve will be running two courses, the first on 2nd and 3rd of May and the second on the 4th and 5th. Running the course over two days keeps it laid back and allows plenty of individual attention.

The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course is designed to fast track divers with limited experience of photography on land or underwater to early success.  The course provides the knowledge, practical skills and hands – on experience to remove the element of luck from underwater photography and help the diver consistently achieve pleasing pictures. The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course recognises that underwater photography is not a diving specialty, but a photographic one. Over six theory sessions, four photo dives and extensive debriefs of each students achievements, Steve will demystify taking pictures under the water. Students will learn wide – angle and close up techniques, how to use flash to achieve even and backscatter free images and a few creative lighting skills as well.

The INON UK Level One Underwater Beginners to Intermediate Underwater Photography Course is the first to be endorsed by a leading manufacturer of underwater camera equipment. This is how Gavin Parsons desribed the course for   “Diver Magazine.’ I’VE BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER since I was 11 and a professional photographer both on land and under water since 1994. 
I have seen quite a few underwater photography courses for compact camera users, and while I would hate this review to end up sounding like an ad, I believe this is the most professional, intelligent and well thought-out I have come across so far”.

Steve rarely runs Level One Courses himself these days, so this is a rare opportunity to learn from the co-designer. With extensive media credits gained since 1994, including filming underwater for BBC and ITV shows, an extensive back catalogue of magazine articles and project managing a number of dive books, Steve is well regarded in underwater photography circles.  He is a contributing author to Martin Edge’s  ‘The Underwater Photographer’, considered the best manual for underwater photographers and co – founded the “Visions in the Sea’ underwater photography conferences. Steve will be teaching underwater using his trademark radiophones to ensure each student gets plenty of personal coaching during the photo dives. Maximum class size is four.

For more details, please contact Alex Diamond.