Introduce a Friend Scheme

Here at Diamond Diving on the Cote d’Azur we’re the first to admit we’re not the cheapest dive school in the area.  We are firm believers that with dive training you don’t cut corners and of course we pride ourselves on good service and small numbers.  All of that of course comes at a price, particularly when running a small business in this part of the world.

That said we obviously want you, our clients, to dive much as possible and we want to make you regular divers, so help is at hand to extend your annual diving budgets with us in the form of our « Introduce a Friend » scheme.  The scheme has proved popular over the past couple of years with a number of clients significantly extending their dive purchasing power by bringing friends along to share their new found passion.  After all, diving is a really sociable activity.

The scheme is based on a points system.  If you introduce someone who signs up for an Open Water, Advanced or Rescue Course you get five points and a free fun dive, and this descends down a sliding scale to half a point for introducing someone who comes for one fun dive.  If you have any questions please call us on 0615305223 or e-mail

Basically five points equals one free fun dive or the first half of a Discover Scuba Diving experience.

Fun Dive 
½ point
Adventure Dive
1 point
Discover Scuba Diving
2 points
PADI Specialty / EFR
3 points
Scuba Diver
4 points
Open Water / Advanced / Rescue / EFRi
5 points
Divemaster / IDC
10 points
Counts for first reservation of any client introduced. 

2012 promotional video

We recommend you take two minutes to check out this video on our YouTube channel that gives a good feel for what we are about, the Cote d’Azur, the diving, the beautiful coastline, and typically how happy our clients are with the service we offer.


For more videos of the diving in the area you can subscibe to our YouTube channel, « DiamondDiving1 ».

2012 Diamond Diving promo video

My Animoto Video

This is a great two minute promotional video showing the brilliant coastline, great surroundings, the team, our RIB, some good underwater and surface shots and plenty of very happy clients.  Enjoy!

The benefits of Peak Performance Buoyancy…

When can I do my Advanced? What does it involve? How much does it cost? What does it entail?

These are questions we hear really often from clients who understandably want to progress, learn and develop in the PADI system. The kind of clients we love to hear from, as they have become passionate about their diving from the start, and have « got the bug ».
The Advanced is a great rating, don’t get me wrong, but above all it is designed to be modular and allow people to sample certain areas of diving that might be interesting for later on….think more Adventure dives and less Advanced Open Water Diver…
So for a diver who has finished their Open Water, is loving this amazing new activity and really wants to progress and enjoy it even more, our question would be : What is the investment in training that is going to help you enjoy your diving more quickly, reinforce good habits fresh from the Open Water Course, get infinitely more comfortable in the water, reduce your air consumption and energy dispensed in the water, and get you on a fast track to appreciating all the beautiful life and scenery down there in « Le monde du silence ». Yep – the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, that’s what – two dives 100% focused on giving you more comfort and control in the water.
Affordable, a bit of knowledge development via a small manual, and without realising it you’ve already done 20% of your Advanced Open Water aswell….PPB is also a great introduction to PADI Specialty courses that are excellent at broadening and deepening your knowledge and skills in areas of diving that interest you (Deep, Wreck, Surface Marker Buoy, Enriched Air, DrySuit, Digital Photography to name just a handful)….and before you know it you’ve made an early start on the path to Master Scuba Diver aswell.
Sound interesting? Call us or e-mail us for further details, also a great way to tune you up and get you rolling after a bit of a layoff over the winter…