INON Level One Underwater Photography Course

Learn Beginner to Intermediate Underwater Photography at Diamond Diving with INON UK’s Steve Warren

INON UK’s Steve Warren, co-designer of the INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course, will be teaching the program exclusively at Diamond Diving on the Cote D’Azur in May. Steve will be running two courses, the first on 2nd and 3rd of May and the second on the 4th and 5th. Running the course over two days keeps it laid back and allows plenty of individual attention.

The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course is designed to fast track divers with limited experience of photography on land or underwater to early success.  The course provides the knowledge, practical skills and hands – on experience to remove the element of luck from underwater photography and help the diver consistently achieve pleasing pictures. The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course recognises that underwater photography is not a diving specialty, but a photographic one. Over six theory sessions, four photo dives and extensive debriefs of each students achievements, Steve will demystify taking pictures under the water. Students will learn wide – angle and close up techniques, how to use flash to achieve even and backscatter free images and a few creative lighting skills as well.

The INON UK Level One Underwater Beginners to Intermediate Underwater Photography Course is the first to be endorsed by a leading manufacturer of underwater camera equipment. This is how Gavin Parsons desribed the course for   “Diver Magazine.’ I’VE BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER since I was 11 and a professional photographer both on land and under water since 1994. 
I have seen quite a few underwater photography courses for compact camera users, and while I would hate this review to end up sounding like an ad, I believe this is the most professional, intelligent and well thought-out I have come across so far”.

Steve rarely runs Level One Courses himself these days, so this is a rare opportunity to learn from the co-designer. With extensive media credits gained since 1994, including filming underwater for BBC and ITV shows, an extensive back catalogue of magazine articles and project managing a number of dive books, Steve is well regarded in underwater photography circles.  He is a contributing author to Martin Edge’s  ‘The Underwater Photographer’, considered the best manual for underwater photographers and co – founded the “Visions in the Sea’ underwater photography conferences. Steve will be teaching underwater using his trademark radiophones to ensure each student gets plenty of personal coaching during the photo dives. Maximum class size is four.

For more details, please contact Alex Diamond.