Planet Scuba in Saint Maxime plus The Guardian and TNT magazine articles

Last weekend we welcomed a group from Planet Scuba of Bishop’s Storford, Herfordshire ( as the first clients of the 2008 season. Diving out of Ste Maxime, a good time was had by all. Stephen Manton and clients Sean, Ian, Michael and Tony all enjoyed their diving despite below average visibility caused by some bad weather in March and April.

The less experienced divers in the group had the opportunity to gain some good experience with the odd piece of sound advice from Stephen and Alex.

The dive sites included Le Relax, an old Maltese river yacht, Les Sardineaux, La Rocher de la Garde, La Seiche a l’Huile and Le Roche de Michel. This last dive included the remains of a Roman Galley recently excavated by reputed marine archeologist Jean-Pierre Joncheray. Only the outline of the hull remains with a few of the main cross beams of the hull and some fragments of amphores.

We have a busy season coming up, but there is often a way to fit people in, so don’t hesitate to call or e-mail for quotes and availability.

This weekend just gone we made it into The Guardian in a travel supplement feature on 100 top non-flying holiday ideas – read more

In addition to this we had the cover feature in TNT Magazine for the 25-30 March issue – read more