Pourquoi plonger en masque intégral?

Relier les plongeurs, sous l’eau naturellement …

Le top 10 des raisons de plonger en masque intégral:

  1. Visibilité: un masque intégral a un plus grand champ visuel qu’un masque traditionnel.
  2. Communication: avec l’ajout d’un système de communication sous-marin, vous pouvez parler à d’autres plongeurs.
  3. Sécurité: le système de sangles multiples du masque intégral le rend robuste et sûre.
  4. Confort: fini la fatigue de la mâchoire en mordant l’embout comme sur un détendeur traditionnel.
    Spécialité: ajoutez une autre spécialité PADI à votre répertoire de plongée avec une formation FFM.
    Accessoires: il y a plein d’add-ons à tester avec votre FFM (lampe, support GoPro, comms …).
    Protection: un FFM couvre tout le visage, le protégeant des éléments.
    Relaxation: un FFm vous permet de respirer normalement et de manière détendue.
    Polyvalence: un FFM peut être personnalisé pour une variété de conditions de plongée.
    Chaleur: un grand pourcentage de la chaleur de votre corps est perdu par la tête, la chaleur de la tête égale le corps chaud.

5 myths about the Full Face Mask

  1. “It’s only for professional divers” : That may have been the case in the past, but now FFMs are user friendly and affordable. So, why should the pros have all the fun? Recreational divers can benefit from a FFM, in many of the sameways that professionals do. Visibility, communication, protection – don’t all the divers want these qualities in their mask? Just because every diver on the block hasn’t bought one yet, does’nt mean you can’t use a FFM on your next diving trip!
  2. It’s too expensive” : Just ask yourself, is it worth to buy one FFM and have it last a lifetime? And, what price do you put on your confort or your safety? Look at the cost of a FFM versus the cost of any high-quality conventional mask/regulator set-ups. The cost are comparable, and with a lifetime warranty and upgradeable features, the FFM is built to last.
  3. “It’s only usefull for communication” : FFMs are a great tool for underwater communication since, unlike a conventional mask and regulator set, they allow divers to talk underwater. However, communicating isn’t the only benefit of a FFM! And if you crave silence, remember, communication devices are always optional.
  4. “If my mask floods, it’ll be hard to clear” : First of all, the mask won’t flood, we promise. FFMs are designed to seal snugly around the face, in order to prevent flooding during a normal dive. But, even if you remove and replace your maskwhile underwater, causing water to get inside the mask, just exhale or push the purge button and you’ll be dry again!
  5. “It looks too complicated” : FFMs are easy to use, but in order to be sure you know all the features of your mask, just get trained with our PADI FFM specialty. It’s a simple solution to a common fear. Before you got your PADI Open Water certification or similar, SCUBA diving probably seemed pretty complex, too. Did that stop you from diving? Didn’t think so.


Get onboard with the future of  SCUBA diving with OCEAN REEF!

SCUBA diving has evolved from an activity for a few experts into a hobby for millions of people throughout the world. In the last 20 years, improvements in equipment have completely changed the way we dive by increasing safety and comfort.

Masks and regulators have traditionally been separate units, but by keeping the mask and regulator separate, we allow the rest of the face to be exposed to the elements, thus losing precious body heat. And, since humans breathe primarily through their nose, while using their mouth for communication, it?s reasonable to say that the separate mask and regulator setup is relatively unnatural. By integrating these two systems, we can solve several problems: we are more thermally efficient; we can communicate; we have a broader field of vision; and we are much more comfortable.

OCEAN REEF Inc. has developped over the course of 50 years from a small dive shop, where diving masks and fins were molded by hand, to aleading FFM and underwater communications manufacturer. They have done this by consistently being on the cutting edge of diving technology.

Although, OCEAN REEF products are not molded by hand anymore, the same personal care that went into each product, which are all thoroughly tested before being sold: your safety is in good hands.

OCEAN REEF is the only manufacturer to produce a complete system featuring:

  • The Neptune series of FFM
  • Underwater communication systems
  • Integrated audio/video systems
  • A variety of accessories designed for commercial, rescue and sport divers

Quality products:

  • Clamping band-hold skirt in place and prevent distortion.
  • Polycarbonate face shield-scratch resistant and impact resistant.
  • Three-way adjustable equalization system.
  • Adjustable exhaust valve
  • 2 sizes (SM and ML) fit nearly 100% of the population.