Les Peniches d’Antheor, YouTube video competition, Parc National de Port Cros and much more…

So, where to start, where did the season go??!!  Full on of course right throughout July & August and we haven’t really stopped since.

A successful first last Sunday, when we took the RIB twenty kilometres down the coast to do the excellent wreck of Les Peniches d’Antheor.  Two Belgium river barges commandeered by the Germans in WW2 to transport munitions and sunk by a Royal Navy sub, the HMS Untiring.  So many large Barracuda, big big Grouper, huge schools of bream and Morays.  Still all the ammunition shells, unarmed fortunately 😉 Really a spectacular dive but at an accessible depth of 25 to 35 metres.

A little reminder to all our clients of the year, if you happen to read this, that the YouTube video competition in still open.  A number of good entries are on their way, and the winner will receive a prize of around 100 Euros value, adapted to their diving needs and interests.   To enter you need to give us permission to use a video of your diving with us on the Cote d’Azur on our YouTube channel, « DiamondDiving1 ».  Edits and musical overlays encouraged!

We are organising a weekend trip for local clients, October 21/22/23 and anyone else that might fancy it down to La Londe Les Maures in the Var, a beautiful little town with such legendary dive sites as La Gabiniere, Grec, Donator all accessible.  The national park at Port Cros really is spectacular.

Also we have a trip to Dahab in the Red Sea on the agenda for November 2012, details are going to be very similar to the proposed 2011 trip publicised on our Facebook page « Diamond Diving ».  Exact dates and prices will be released in mid to late January to help get you over the post Christmas blues!

Congratulations to all our recently certified divers, particularly those who have expanded and deepened your dive skills via the range of PADI Specialty courses we offer.  Also a big thumbs up to all our brave non swimming Indian friends who really appreciated their try dives, we look forwards to welcoming more of you on board very very soon!

Voila for the moment, all that remains to be said is October 8th, come on England 😉